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For businesses large and small we offer protection
and peace of mind for our commercial business clients.

Commercial Automobile
Our Commercial Automobile business ranges from single owner-operated artisan and trades vehicles to large fleet operations. As well, we insure garage automobile policies, which include repair garages and new and used automobile dealerships.

Commercial Property / Liability
We keep in tune with the marketplace to ensure that we offer the best in selection and coverage. We offer a suite of products for businesses from contractors to realty, to manufacturing, wholesale, and retail. Our products are comprehensive and flexible with options to meet the needs of businesses.

  • Contractors - from small, three-to-five person operations, to major national accounts

  • Realty - from office, retail and industrial real estate holdings to large complexes with multiple locations

  • Manufacturing - insuring a diverse group of manufacturing and processing businesses that sell their products in the Canadian marketplace

  • Retail/Wholesale - ranging from small to large establishments, with an emphasis on the small and medium

Commercial Lines Products and Services
C. Lexow Insurance Advisors, does provide commercial quotes over the phone - but we'd rather see you in person and let you tell us the story of your business. By knowing your business, we can protect it.

As a commercial client of C. Lexow, you can expect an annual review of your commercial policies. Whether by letter, telephone, email or in person, we want to make sure your coverage is keeping up to your business operations.

This is a short list of the coverage we can secure for you

  • Commercial/Business Automobile: Single unit, Fleets, Schools buses. Sand & gravel, Snow removal

  • Commercial Property: Retail, Industrial, Manufacturing, Building Owner & Rental. Condominiums

  • Commercial Liability: General Liability, Professional. Errors & Omissions. Directors & Officers

  • Garage: Repair, Dealerships, Used Vehicle Sales

  • Agriculture: Property, Vehicles, Equipment & Farm Liability

  • Programs: Bush Equipment, Resorts, Trucking (long haul, short haul, sand & gravel, logging), Automobile Dealerships

  • Municipalities: First Nations, Daycares, Healthcare, Education Municipalities, First Nations, Daycares, Healthcare, Education